New semester, new babies, new songs, new CD, new tumblr updates!!

The Mamajamas are THRILLED to welcome new members Christian Lange and Hannah Sobel, both from the class of 17.5! These steezy little ones are rocking the house and we can’t wait to show them off to you.

We have had a busy few months and are excited to announce that we have a NEW CD coming out soon!! Please contact our Business Manager if you’d like to purchase one in our Pre-Sale!

Business Manager: Jackie Breckenridge

Email: jebreckenridge@middlebury.edu

Keep your eyes on our Tumblr for Upcoming Events, New member profiles, CD updates, Pictures and Videos! Spring is coming, the birds are chirping, and so are we!


…the arrival of our newest baby boy, Harry Cramer ‘16.5! We’ve had him for a while now, but it wasn’t Tumblr Official so it didn’t really count. His voice is sublime and dreamy, and he’s got a lovely face to boot!

P.S. Stay on your toes for a whole host of new tunes this semester, including a rollicking country track, a modern soul showstopper, and a mid-tempo piano-driven pop ballad duet (because we didn’t have one of those).



On the twelfth day of Middmass, my Proctor Crush gave to me:

Twelve bros shotgunning,

Eleven febs-a-hiking,

Ten seniors weeping,

Nine all-nighters,

Eight screw-your-teammates,

Seven hipsters whining,

Six wand’ring freshman,


Four biddies munching,

Three activists,

Two Brothers Tavern,

And a streaker from the frisbee team!

And what a Middmass it was.  Watch the full show here!


As the leaves turned all crispy-crackly, The Mamajamas once again observed the time-honored fall tradition of piling in a big ‘ol van, testing the surface tension of our Middlebury bubble, and bravely venturing into the Outside World in the name of song.  Armed with a brand new arrangement, two new babies, boundless enthusiasm, and light jackets, The MJs ventured into the untamed wilds of the J.O.B…

First stop was an intimate set at Reeds Landing Community Home in Springfield, graciously hosted by the marvelous Taft family.  Next we hit up Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough—alma mater of MJ Caroline and home to three killer a cappella groups, Algonqappella, Ladies First, and Soulfege—to hold a workshop and get our Darn Toughs blown off by some of their tunes.  We reconvened that evening for a joint concert concluded by a four-group ensemble rendition of Dog Days Are Over.  Finally, we arrived at The Dana Hall School—MJ Krissy’s former stomping ground—to workshop with the spectacular Chamber Singers and perform that evening after a delightful dinner of delicious Thai delectables.

…And then, seemingly as soon as it began, The Mamajamas packed up and headed home.  Joyous, accompanied by happy memories and guided by questionable navigators, they returned, full of anticipation for next year and the promise to take many more pictures.  



Felicitaciones y saludos!!!

поздравления и приветствия!!!

to Alyssa Lee Dillon ‘15.5 and Eric Matthew Benoit ‘16, two marvelous new Mamajama babes who’ve captured our hearts with their stunning voices, beautiful spirits, and disappointingly normal middle names.  We love them.

Hi Helen.